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Summer League is super fun, but other than gut reaction, there isn’t much you can take from the 2 week fun fest. Historically, ball dominant guards and wings do really well in Summer League. Remember how Cameron Payne was the best player in Orlando summer League last year averaging 19/4/4 and Kris Dunn looked like a super star averaging 24/3/7 in their rookie years at Summer League.

Summer League is built for these kinds of players as offenses haven’t really been developed in the 2 weeks they’ve been practicing, so anyone who can get there own shot looks exceptionally good against far weaker defenders scrapping to get an end of the bench role as 3rd rotation NBA players. The fact that 6 teams passed on Smith, especially three in desperate need of a point guard, really screams that there is something false in his Summer League performance. Hes not “old” like Dame was (came into the league at 22 from a mid major school), hes not small like IT. So we should ask the question why did 6 teams pass on him.

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