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Team USA is the Hilary Clinton to the Donald Trump that is the field. There is no reason why Donald should have a 20% chance, but they do. So we look and wonder why its as close at it is. Team USA will most likely win, but I hope that what we’ve gone through this year will make Thibs realize there is something to be said about continuity on a team. We have 2 returning olympians and 4 returning members of the 2014 FIBA World Cup. Until we get some buy in Team USA will take its chances of being out played in international play with every successive event.

Lets put it another way. If we pitted the 2015 Clippers against The East All Stars minus Lebron with two weeks of practice, who would win? Thats the future we’re heading to as more and more talent shows up out of the US and fewer and fewer super stars buy into Team USA.

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