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This is a tough nut to crack. Probably something I could write 5,000 words on. But I’m going to keep it short. The biggest problem Mario has right now is that he is too small to guard 3’s. Especially big threes. He tried to bulk up late in the season and that caused him joint pain, so they stopped. That means he is limited to playing the 2 for most of his minutes. With that said, the “log jam” in the front court really isn’t going to change Marios playing time as much as say Gordon, or more explicitly Vucevic/Biyombo. Jodie Meeks is injured and probably won’t return till 2017, so that leaves lots of time for Mario at the 2 or possibly at the 1. Like you said Mario isn’t ready for full time ball handling duty, but splitting time with Evan, DJ, or Payton on the second unit should give him plenty of time. Also, looking at Marios clutch stats (56% 3P% with less than 5 minutes left), expect to see him finishing games. Having Evan & Mario in at the end of the Games should really improve one of Orlando’s major issues last year, which was finishing games

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