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This is the danger of a remake. If the source material is flawed in a way that future audiences can’t deal with, you probably shouldn’t remake the source material. Take Breakfast at Tiffany’s as an example: there is no way we could cast a white man in yellow face to play the annoying neighbor Mr. Yunioshi. Even if you cast mr Yonioshi as an asian man, the core character was racist as hell, and switching the race of the actor playing him will be received just as poorly as the original, so you’re left with a re-write or removing the character. At this point you start to affect the original story and the nostalgic haze surrounding it. If you pull at these threads enough, you no longer have a remake, but a movie inspired by the original that is still ham stringed by aspects of the source material. At this point you start getting things like the Point Break remake, and you have to ask yourself why was this made in the first place. The question is if you pull too many bad threads from Aladin’s narrative Magic Carpet, are you left with something that can fly with modern audiences, or just a ratty carpet in a dumpster somewhere?