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Watching last nights show, I was on the edge of my seat. Not due to the drama or the trials of Naz but instead because I was worried this show was about to slip and fall. As you stated, we’re half way through this mini series, and we still haven’t been given a glimmer of a way out. If the show ended last night, Naz would be going away for life, and the show runners have purposefully not given us a life raft to buoy us. This helps us understand the plight of Naz, but I’m afraid most people are starting to get tired of treading water. I think they were able to pull it out in the end of Episode 4 (by far the strongest to date), giving The Night of another day to save its audience, but we’re starting to take in mouth fulls of sea water, and I’m starting to hope for the medivac saving us from stories of itchy feet wrapped in cellophane, sad looking parents, super star lawyers with no obvious rational and dropped plot lines.

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