“we never actually said goodbye.”

So what? She said.

it hurt.

Her words callously disregarded our years. Her plan was a great one, defiantly selfish, but great nonetheless. She was taking her talents far from where our roots had once outstretched into fertile earth. But the soil hadn’t been tended to in years, and violent storms had eroded it away, so the roots, now exposed to the gaze of the blistering sun, withered. We had felt the pain, but chose to passively endure, only allowing the problem to worsen. And now it was over.

I can’t believe you’re just leaving.

Well you refuse to come with me, so what choice do I have?

I can’t just walk away from my dream career; my life is here, our life… is here.

She turned to face me. Look, if we really wanted to stay together, one of us would have to sacrifice their dream. And obviously neither of us is willing to do that for the other, so let’s not pretend this isn’t mutual.

she was right.
she was always right.

Her bags were packed and stacked near the door. A black luxury sedan pulled up, and a large, burly man emerged to help her load the last of her belongings. One by one. From the doorway, I glanced back at our past home. Empty. Physically empty, yet emotionally cluttered. I will miss this place. I don’t regret what happened, and I’ll never forget it.


she said my name, for probably the last time.

I turned to face the end. She was standing there, looking sexy and sophisticated, that razor thin line she walked so gracefully. Simple black heels contrasted her porcelain skin, and only made her slender legs seem somehow longer, teasing their way under a flowing, dark skirt. A simple black camisole top, barely exposed under a well tailored, perfectly white blazer, snugly hugged her waist. Her hair was an ebony waterfall down her back, flowing and cresting as the midnight tide. A gold nose ring and bangles shimmered against the black and white canvas.


I had been distracted, trying to procrastinate the inevitable, trying to remember every detail. I looked into her ocean blue eyes, brilliantly dancing in the light of a summer sun. I never wanted to look at anything else again in my life. I wanted to drown in them. With a deep breath, I mustered up the courage to speak.

I’m done fighting back, I said.

Really? She looked at me like she hadn’t in months.

Yeah. I don’t want the last time I see you to be a bad experience. You were an important part of my life, and will probably be for a while longer. But nothing gold stays, so please, let’s not drag this out any further.

Okay, she said, taken aback, I have to admit, I’m a bit surprised.

Honestly, I am too, but I can’t stop loving you. And as much as I want you to stay, I can’t stop you from chasing your dream. I just wish our dreams were compatible.

She smiled. I caught myself smiling too.

Well that’s all I wanted to say. Good luck out there, Sam, I hope you find what you’re looking for.

She took the two steps up to me, leaned in and kissed my cheek. Thanks, she whispered.

She turned and walked to the car, where the driver had been waiting patiently to open the door for her. She slid into the back seat, and the door closed. The driver made his way around the car and into his seat, and then drove off with the love of my life.

that won’t be the last time I see her.