Hi Friends! Raising funds for PPE for the Kentucky Prison for Women in Shelby County along with a great group of writers and musicians. These human beings behind bars are getting ill due to lack-of-funds-and-political-will and it’s time to give them a hand! Reading from BENT BUT NOT BROKEN, Sunday…

Congratulations to Hannah Prichard and Christopher Reiling for their work in The Water Tribe!

They each garnered a SCENIE for outstanding performances, the award given by Stage Scene LA under the intelligent and discerning eye of one of Los Angeles’ great reviewers: Steven Stanley.

As soon as I worked…

Dear Friends,

If you are looking for something ghoulish to do this Halloween season, why not read about how Zombies are taking over Los Angeles?

Screenplay by Don Cummings and Bradford Brillowski.

Illustrations by Peter Landau.

Follow us on Instagram @OhtheHorrorLA

OhTheHorrorLA on Instagram

And you can read the whole thing we have so far (Peter has illustrated up to page 30 of the screenplay) from the start in chronological order:

Oh The Horror from the Start

Get going! Learn how to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. But don’t forget how to have a little fun along the way. (Sometimes, a martini in one hand and a baseball bat in the other can really make your night!)

Here’s a fetid taste:

Hello Friends,

If you are a Goodreads member on Amazon, perhaps you would like to help me to help men with their troubles. And for your time, I will give you a gift of Tolstoy at the end of it all.

The internet, in all its open beauty, needs to…

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