Sorry if I sound harsh, but at the moment I don’t see this working at all.

Hi Julia,

I understand and appreciate your criticisms, and I’d offer this in response:

First, that this is primarily intended to reward those who already support and follow me, and who were on the fence about giving support without a tangible reward.

Second, while your points have merit, there are already tens of thousands of options that cover that.

I want my work to be fun and engaging as well as informative, to keep with my writing style and introduce newcomers to how I approach things.

And incidentally, that is absolutely my approach when cooking, to offer choice — and I do intend to provide a number of general tutorials as well.

If it is not for you, that’s completely fine! I never expected it to appeal to everyone; this is as much a fun project for me as it is a genuine opportunity to offer my knowledge, after spending so much of my writing time addressing news stories and social issues. The audience appeal is less important than enjoying myself and having real fun with my writing, and hopefully getting support from others who enjoy it.

Thanks for your thoughts, though!