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Don on campus at Stanford in March

My next chapter

Don Day
Don Day
May 1, 2017 · 2 min read

Last May, I let you know about my decision to leave the KTVB News Group after more than 17 years with that dynamic organization.

Over the past year, I’ve worked to build a digital content agency known as Day365 — a fun exercise in growing a small firm in vibrant Boise. The business has grown quickly and returned dividends ahead of what I expected.

I’ve also been working to build — an independent micro-news site focused on Boise and SW Idaho development and business news. The site is booming — with big month-over-month traffic gains fueled by a wide array of exclusive stories.

With my career, my mantra over the past year has been to “plant many seeds and see which will grow.”

To that end, I applied for the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University after seeing a post on Twitter.

I am excited to announce that I have been accepted into the program and will be moving to Palo Alto later this year. I will be working on ideas around growing independent news voices in local communities like Boise.

The journalism challenge I will be working on:

How might we create sustainable, independent news operations that provide in-depth coverage of civic and local issues?

The JSK program is a group of 18 journalists from around the globe working on a variety of challenges related to our changing media environment. More than 600 folks applied for the opportunity, and I am beyond humbled to be selected. A year at Stanford near bright minds and big ideas is a significant opportunity made possible by so many folks who have believed in me and helped me grow.

I have a passion for SW Idaho, and a passion for journalism. I’m looking forward to using as a lab of sorts to test ideas and look for ways to sustainably support more journalism. Even though I will relocate to the Silicon Valley area for a school year, BoiseDev will continue and I will have more detail on how that will work in coming months.

I will push the pause button on Day365 for a bit while I explore this new path. This is no easy decision as the business is generating strong revenue and I’ve been able to work with great clients — but the opportunity at Stanford is one that is hard to pass up.

Time to catch that next balloon!

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