Hair Extensions truths

For many years, women have used hair pieces and accessories to compliment their everyday looks. Hair extension pieces and wigs have been under scrutiny for decades, but they have continued to remain a vital part of our society. Today you can see an abundance of beauty shops and salons, these retailers and professional stylists cater to hair extensions customers. Hair extensions could come in synthetic hair, real human hair, or a mixture of synthetic and real human hair.

More focus will be paid to the human hair extensions and that market. A good hair extension “sew in” by a stylist can cost as low $70 to $250 or more. Women pay this price in addition to the cost of getting the hair extension bundles. Hair extension bundles are usually 3.5–4.0 oz per bag, and vary in price by the quality and length of the hairs. Hair extensions can cost as low as $45/bundle to over $100/bundle. Some companies have prices that start at over 170 British Pounds/bundle. Most hair styles need at least 2 bundles, although some customers could use up to 5 or more bundles depending on the style and the preference.

Separating Hair Extensions by Quality

Hair extensions are usually from South Asia. Chinese factories have found ways to continue to supply the world market with cheap hair extensions. There is a grading system adopted by the Chinese to identify hair by it’s quality. Grading goes from 4A to about 8A, 8A usually being the best quality the merchant has to offer. This grading is also relevant in understanding what lower and higher quality hair extensions should be capable of doing. Chinese merchants are more interested in profits, so not every thing said doing negotiations should be believed. You also get what you pay for, cheap hair typically won’t last the longest. Some websites have found a way to sell to both clients by selling affordable grade hair extensions, and also a higher quality all natural human hair extension. Some of the main differences in this two types of hair would be the hair texture. Customers can usually notice a smooth silkiness on majority of hair extensions from China. Chinese factories have found away to remove hair cuticles as well as treat the hair extension with silicon. The silicon coating on hair prevents tangling and gives the hair a shine. The only problem is that this coating wears off over time and customers notice that the hair begins to look different.

Other hair extensions might have a more natural but dryer look, but this hair is usually better and more expensive. Many experienced customers with extra income usually invest in this no-silicon hair. It is better and it also continues to look even better over time. Customers treat and wash hair like they would their natural hair.

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