We Need to Talk About Age Diversity in Tech
Steven Levy

Ha! When I was younger I was told not to think I knew what was a better way of doing things. (I tend to have forward thinking ideas, this is how my mind works).

As I progressed in my work and mission to alter the way we are using and producing media I was told I had no respect of what was established, how dare I suggest another approach is necessary, this is the way we have always done it the way it has always worked!! And what prove did I have that this was going to work, anyway? There you go..

Doing new things or old things a new for that matter, tends to be discouraged for lack of data of doing that thing and proving it works, so “Hey let’s just not do it, ok. Imagine the risks, the uncertainty that needs to be faced.. Yikes.” let’s just sit comfortably in our cash rich, slowly dying enterprises. It will last our time.

And you know what? They are absolutely right! It might last their times. As for me, I will not interfere anymore, will not try to help them, ever, anymore. The lesson I learned here is to guard off my energy, not spending it idly that easily anymore (another habit you tend to get when you grow older).

And now actually being older, how am I to understand social media, that’s the habitat of the young! How am I even thinking of getting that! (I spend about 75% more time on social media then my 15 year old son. By the way, they hate the lack of intimacy out there, so yeah that is a thing.. but that one is for another post).

It is all a matter of perception and I tend to have my own.. something I never seem to be able unlearn.

I actually don’t expect anything else then for people to misread me. It grows on you, and that helps.

As for the debate on age diversity, it is a good thing to have it. Hence my reaction. Growing older makes you smarter in a way. You are better at estimating situations in all areas of life and it helps. You get better at empathizing with people, cause it might very well be that indeed you actually understand what they are going through, having experienced what it means to loose a loved on, to see someone you care about face hardship, to endure when life throws its bag of ‘not your time now’ at you. You tend to learn where to put your energy and especially where not to waste it on and it helps.

But it is the mind that is innovative, lateral and associative. It is the mind that is eager to learn new things, to explore, to wonder.. Nothing to do with age.

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