Letter to Honourable Ambassadors in Kosovo

Dear Honourable Ambassadors,

I would like to start this email by emphasising that I am not affiliated with any political subject in Kosovo, and this medium entails personal reflections of a sincere feedback from Kosovo reality. My motive springs from the erosion of hope and current political development.

As part of many young citizens, the quest for employment is exceeding any rational endeavour. Youth as the most vital part of the Kosovo society is being left with no alternatives. Employment prospects are slim and those who are engaged in the private sector the exploitation become the whip of their daily life. On the other hand on the public sector, where slacking is inevitable, is an opportunity left to political parties militants. Desperation is breeding radical decisions towards the youth. Almost on daily basis, I meet new adults where the expression for migration is so blatant, their energies, future plans and happiness are conceptualised beyond the borders. I certainly belong to this contingent of people. Lack of future prospects is pushing many people, including the close circle of my friends, towards choices such as islamisation, used as an antidote against widespread depression, pushed towards the drugs where accessing them is easy, immigration, or letting your fate in the hands of the cruel ruling elite.

Kosovo has become a ghetto that mimics a mice running endlessly in an open-loop wheel. The oblivion of hope is changing the face of this society.

This is not the country that a Kosovars have imagined.

I strongly believe that we need genuine transformative social reforms, where your role is imperative in this transition process. But steering that ship means shifting the support for a particular political agenda, by letting the wind do its course. The last elections have produced a new momentum in that political direction, the extension of status-quo in support for another mandate of “Pronto Clan” with its satellite parties means killing the hope and eventually sparking another dominos of busses towards Western Europe. In a nutshell, this represents a bombshell for social unrest. The political rotation may be the only formula for branding the hope.

Desperate time call for desperate measures.

I hope this email reaches you in the first place and please do not consider this email from the prism of any political agenda/progaganda. This bitter reality is already scrutinised by your embassies.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for your vital contribution to our society, probably unmatched in the international affairs.

Trying to make a dent in your busy schedule.



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