Literary Magazines for Socialists Funded by the CIA, Ranked
The Awl

What did the CIA stand for? What ideas were they promoting, instead of being “reactionary” to communism, if that was their goal, as stated in this piece? I can’t tell by reading the titles of the periodicals. No list of books was given. All I got was: “the distinction between the ‘totalitarian” and ‘free’ societies…only in the free ones could groups self-organize independently from the state.” Ok, given this vague distinction, how do we evaluate the sincerity of the CIA? Did the CIA leave MLK alone? Did they leave The Black Panthers alone? Do they infiltrate domestic groups with “agent provocateurs”? Yes. Is this hypocritical? Yes. What does it tell us about the goals/values of the CIA? First, the CIA is not honest. It lies about its goals and values. It does not value freedom. It subverts it. It does not value rights. It spies on everyone, invades their right to privacy, and lies about it. This might be excused if it could be proven to be practical/moral but it can’t. If it could be, they would do so, and there would be no reason to lie about it. We the people assume they spy and lie, now that Snowden has exposed them, but they still lie. Why? Is it an institutional trait? Are they fundamentally dishonest? I submit this is necessary for the exercise of political power. Overt force is not wise or effective as a control mechanism. The sanction of the victim is needed for control of the many by the few and that can only be accomplished by fraud, hence propaganda, the main tool of rule.

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