For this week I was assigned to draw and sketch out 5 different places/scenery in the school, each using Photoshop and Illustrator.

While drawing/sketching the different places in the school. i found out that even in one simple picture there are numerous small details such as the different shadows and the lines on the wall and the floor. These small details gave me a very tough time ( literally ), and especially for the lines on the wall made me had to color the segmented “ boxes ” one by one, which was very time consuming. In addition, the doors and the lines of the walls gave me a hard time because I had to make sure my hand does not shake much in order to make sure that the line was a little straighter.

I tried to draw and sketch out nicer scenery, such as the garden on the rooftop, however I realized that it was a very challenging thing to draw as there were too many small details, like the number of leaves and the flower petals ( I gave up halfway. Yes my resilience has gone away ). Thus I decided to draw out some of the places we students go more often, example the lecture halls which all students from SIT have visited and the corridors of the school. Also, to make the sketches more classic I colored black and white.

Below are some of the example of my sketches.

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