For this week, we were tasked to create and design 2 E-postcards for 2 different themes, Chinese New Year and Christmas, using 1 or more real photos inside the card.

For the Christmas card, I decided to make it heartwarming and more calming like a romantic Christmas. Thus, I chose the color blue as night skies are tend to be more romantic and calming as shown below. For my E-card, I used 2 real life photos, the tree and the 2 chairs, and the shimmering stars. For the background, I used the blending brush to paint it blue to give the blur sky. With the 2 photos overlapping one another, I had to make sure the stars don’t block the Christmas tree in the first photo, thus I tried to curve the second photo ( The stars ) by using the photo bending/curving tool on the top of the tools, however, by curving the photo, it unintentionally pulled up the 2 side and it made the card unnatural. Also, the first photo had many white trees behind them, thus making it even harder to blend in. After hours of exploring the various tools in the Photoshop alone, I decided that other tools could not show the effect I wanted it to show. When I was losing hope thinking I needed to find another photo, I realized that the “ Pressure Tool ” could also be applied to eraser! By lowering the pressure of the eraser, I finally managed to erase part of the stars photo naturally giving it the fading ending effect which was exactly what I wanted it to be, stars surrounding the chairs and the tree but not covering them. To add on, I thought that since the Christmas tree is protruding out upwards, why not make the “ Merry Christmas ” arc upwards too to match the unity of the whole card. Thus, creating this romantic and calming E-Christmas card!

For the Chinese New Year E-card, I decided to make it a high spirit card, so I decided to add in some fireworks and cute monkey! Also, using red color to emphasize on the happiness on celebrating Chinese New Year. I also made sure that the unity of the whole E-card is present, I made sure the line aligns and the monkey stays right beside the headings. For this card, I made sure the photo’s edges were erase naturally and made sure there were no sharp edges.









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