The Consequences of Being Late: How Serious Are They?

There are no people, who have never been late to their work or important meetings. This is because there are lots of things and events we cannot predict in advance. Your chief may ask you to do urgent job, your kids may suddenly fall ill or you may simply lose the keys from your automobile… This list can be prolonged.

If you are late once or twice, that’s all right and, in most cases, other people will understand your problems. However, when this repeats over and over again, the excuses seem vague and not that important (even if they really are). The most serious thing is that those people, who are always late, get used to these situations and do not consider them important. Meanwhile, other people do not share this opinion and so do the psychologists. They say that the consequences of always being late may be quite unpredictable and many people underestimate this factor. Let’s have a look at some of these consequences listed below.

  1. Delays May Ruin Your Plans

The fact is that regular delays may not only ruin your plans for the whole day, but can affect your lifestyle in a negative way. Let’s say, you live in Australia and have an important appointment for a job interview, but need to visit the bank before the meeting. You arrive to this financial institution without being aware of the Bank Opening times in Australia just to find out that it is still closed for dinner, for instance. What should you do in this case? There are two options you can choose from. The first one is to wait for the opening of the bank’s department and the second one is to change your plans (which may be quite significant, by the way) and to rush to a job interview. Regardless of the option you will go for, you will still be frustrated, because your plans for the whole day (or even career) may be completely ruined. That is why, it makes sense to find out the opening times and working hours of the organizations you plan to visit. And, of course, you should not forget to plan your day and your tasks well in advance.

2. Delays May Spoil the Relationships with Other People

No one likes to deal with unreliable people, who are always late. I suppose, everyone has the acquaintances, who are always late. Even if you appoint the exact time of the meeting, they will still be late, explaining their behavior by different situations and factors. Psychologists note that being late is a normal state of affairs for some people. This is a kind of their lifestyle they cannot change. On the other hand, there are such people, who consider punctuality one of the life priorities and they prefer to leave their homes or offices an hour before the meeting or another occasion just to be there on time. This feature deserves respect.

3. Being Late Is Always Stressful

Even if you have already got used to being late, you still feel stressed when this happens. And so do people, who waste their time waiting for you. Both parties are anxious, nervous and worried and this makes further communication complicated and sometimes even impossible. If you do not want that to happen, take your time to find out the location you are going to, the time and tasks you have, the plans for a day, the transport you will go by and other things that matter a lot when it comes to going somewhere. Do not forget to find out the opening times and working hours of those businesses you plan to visit, even if they are located not fat from your office or home. This is because you can never know, when they are closed for a dinner break, for instance. Nowadays, there are numerous websites like, where you can get any information about different organizations in your location you are interested in. Do not be lazy to browse through them in order not to spoil your reputation.