I think the author’s premise for Hope Solo’s release from her contract may be a bit of an…
Don Ewonchuk

Gerard Mclean

I have coached a number of sports that included women’s teams as well. One team won a conference championship, too. I do understand that women’s sport has been disrespected and respect will take a long time to be accepted until attitudes begin to change. Which is a shame really!

Having said that, coaching also calls for players to execute a game plan. In this instance, Solo is correct. The “better team” may not have won that day; other ‘better teams’ have not won on any particular day. But, teams with lesser skilled players can employ the strategy developed by the coaching staff and be victorious from time to time.

To call a team “cowards” for employing a game plan devised by the coaches is boorish and disrespectful. For Solo to state that the Swedes should have played an open style is childish; there is more than one way to play, or in this case, win the game.

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