React Native Basics: Using react-native-router-flux
Spencer Carli

Nice tutorial! Seems this module is very convenient.

I have been using pepperoni’s starter kit, where they opted not to use react-native-router-flux, and they gave some reason behind it.

They probably have a different need there. But I’m not sure which is better for me.

Could you pls write a little bit about what the limitation of react-native-router-flux? Say for example, if I have two different modules in my RN app. Switching between the two modules are controlled with buttons inside a drawer/sidebar. Within each module, I’d like to be able to navigate back. Meanwhile, I’d like to jump between the two modules (not only with the sidebar, but also hyperlinks in each module) without breaking the route stack of each module, will react-native-router-flux be sufficient?

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