Why You Should Care about Vallejo’s Battle against the Orcem Cement Factory
Abraham Woodliff

Since when did Vallejo post party affiliations next to a candidate’s name? Isn’t that a violation for a non-partisan race like City Council?

And maybe you can explain your rationale suggesting that Democrats are anti-business. If Republicans are pro-business, then it follows that anyone other than Republicans — like Democrats — must be anti-business. Am I misreading your logic?

Is there a litmus test that you use to determine whether an elected official or community is good or evil? I mean, do you tar them all with the same brush. All Democrats must be good and all Republicans must be evil? Is an individual allowed to voice an independent opinion even if it goes against what their ‘party’ espouses?

I’m sorry but I just can’t go along with your line of thinking.

And by the way, before you reply back trying to tag me as either a Democrat or Republican (I’m a liberal Democrat), knowing the difference between right and wrong doesn’t come with a party affiliation. People of all parties, all ethnicities, all genders — they’re all different which means that some or good and some are evil.

My issue here isn’t about the cement factory — sounds like a bad idea. My issue has to do with the way you’ve tarred people based on what you believe thier true party affiliations ouught to be.

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