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Here are some of my previous stories about type in mixed reality.

This article contains a lot of animated GIF images to explain spatial interactions. Please be patient with the loading time!


As a designer who loves type design and typography, I have been falling in love with holographic type since I met HoloLens back in 2015. allows…

Learn about how to use MRTK to achieve some of the most widely used common interaction patterns in mixed reality

Meet some of the most passionate HoloLens developers & creators around the world.

Sharing the story of updating HoloLens app made with HoloToolkit(HTK) to use new Mixed Reality Toolkit v2(MRTK) which supports HoloLens 2’s articulated hand tracking and eye tracking input

Type In Space for HoloLens (2018)

Your physical environment becomes a new canvas for typography


allows you to place and see holographic objects in your physical environment. Just like real-world physical objects, you can place it on a table or wall, you can move around and see it from different angles. Since HoloLens analyzes the environment and remembers the spatial mapping information, when you come back to the specific space, HoloLens restores the digital objects. It feels magical when you see your holographic object stays right there just like other physical objects, even after days and weeks.

Learn about the latest building blocks in MRTK(Mixed Reality Toolkit) for creating apps for HoloLens and immersive headsets.

A designer’s journey into the virtual environment and typography

Last year, with my love of typography, I have explored spatial text layout in the physical space and introduced two apps for HoloLens.

With Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets, I have continued my journey, exploring the possibilities of the typography education in the virtual space.

Mixed Reality Capture from HoloLens

After publishing my first personal last year, I continued experiments on typography in mixed reality space. One of the most fascinating aspects of HoloLens was the rendering quality of type. Since HoloLens has higher PPD(Pixels Per Degree) than other AR/VR devices, it renders beautiful sharp text. I wanted to create an app that can leverage text rendering quality as well as physical environment.

News Space is a spatial news headline visualizer in Mixed Reality space. It fills up your room with the latest news headlines. Since the news headlines…

HoloSketch: A spatial layout and UX sketching app for HoloLens

What is HoloSketch?

HoloSketch is an on-device spatial layout and UX sketching tool for HoloLens to help build holographic experiences. It works with a paired Bluetooth keyboard and mouse as well as gesture and voice commands. The purpose of HoloSketch is to provide a simple UX layout tool for quick visualization and iteration.


Importance of experiencing your design in the device
When you design something for HoloLens, it is important to experience your design in the device. …

Yoon Park (박동윤)

Designer & Creative Technologist. UX Designer @Microsoft HoloLens. Creator of Opinions are my own.

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