Top 6 Songs by The Cure

Disintegration album by The Cure reimagined as books. Photo from

Lately I’ve been listening to songs from The Cure more often.

I watched the Marvel film Ant-Man a couple of weeks ago and during one of the fight scenes, ‘Plainsong’ from The Cure’s Disintegration album started playing from a smartphone music app. Today I watched Season 1 episode 7 of the TV show Mr. Robot and “Pictures of You’, again from Disintegration, was played. It was a tune absolutely perfect for its opening scene. Made me realize how fortunate I am to grow to the band’s music and relate to these tunes.

The Cure’s music transcends a generation from eighties post-punk and new wave to modern day covers of their most popular and even obscure songs. The band’s discography is a treasure trove of deep, dark poetry but with some upbeat tunes and pop sensibility. How you categorize them doesn’t matter. Their longevity in the music industry has to be admired; Probably one of a few acts that could perform a really long concert set list.

If music is a panacea, then panacea is The Cure.

That said, here are my top 5 favorite tunes from The Cure plus a bonus track.

Track 3 of Disintegration but I listen to Entreat live album track more “to feel again the real belief.”
Song from Bloodflowers. “Never felt so old.”
A lot of really good The Cure tunes during XB102 days but this one stands out to me back then. “A smile to hide the fear away.”
One of their best compositions..”For always and ever is always for you
I want it to be perfect like before”
Great as a first track of an album or an encore for a concert. “Like I’m living at the edge of the world”
A haunting ballad. “So much more than everything”
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