Grandpa Rossy is back with Cubs
Carrie Muskat

Carrie, I am concerned as a Cubs fan and a baseball lover, that the Cubs have lost far more than they have gained this offseason. Jon Jay is good, but he’s definitely a poor man’s Dexter Fowler. The same can be said for Wade Davis replacing Aroldis Chapman (although I do believe that Maddon overused Chapman in the stretch and postseason). We let several good pitchers and batters who will certainly be stars in the near future or have been strong workaholics from the bullpen.

Do you see the Cubs signing Wood and Coghlan at the very least? One of our greatest strengths last year was our depth. Much of that is gone. I know we have a few people that we’re excited about in the minors, but few if any will be ready next year. Potentially, if none of the remaining players from last year are not signed, we will lose thirteen players and gain six. And of the six players we have gained, four of them have horrible major league stats, only Davis and Jay bring anything to the table. Now signing Brett Anderson would be a huge boost to the pitching staff, but Wood gobbles up innings like me and turkey on Thanksgiving.

I believe we need a few more gains, depth in the bullpen and lineup. We don’t have enough bench to spell our regular lineup hitters when they need rest. That was one of our greatest assets last year.

Do you have any insight on this subject to soothe my panic?

I’ve always read your blog with great admiration for your depth of insight,


Don Hill

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