Thanks for this Don!
Melody Ayres-Griffiths

Thank you so much for porting it, and also for sharing your port and the code!

I actually had an Apple ][ myself, but I never got around to porting it back to Apple Logo.

Alexey-Slyusar has ported my old Logo Adventure to LLOGO on ITS running on a PDP-10 emulator!

For what’s worth, running Logo Adventure in Apple Logo on an Apple ][ emulator is much more efficient and uses a whole lot less memory (8 bits instead of 36 bits) than running Logo Adventure in MacLisp LLOGO on ITS in a PDP-10 emulator!

But both are awesome in their own way! Thanks to all that extra memory, your friends can log into ITS on the PDP-10 emulator as RMS (password RMS), and run OS (output spy) to watch you play Logo Adventure. That’s how I learned to play Zork on MIT-DM.