Local investor seeks to innovate Roswell

The field of candidates is growing even larger for Roswell’s mayoral race.

While they all are trying to distinguish their campaigns from one another, one hopeful is making people pay attention by doing what his opponents won’t do: putting Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and other neighboring cities on notice that Roswell is rising and ready for business.

The man on the mission to help Roswell rise to the next level is Don Horton.

Don Horton and his wife Gayle have been married for 47 years. They have two children and five grandchildren. They are active members of Roswell Presbyterian Church.

A successful investment advisor, Don’s business background has served him well on the City Council the last two years, where he has developed a reputation as an aggressive advocate for taxpayers and homeowners, working to protect Roswell from high density development, creating term limits for council members, and to redevelop Roswell’s aging, blighted shopping centers.

That’s not politics as usual — that’s making a real difference for Roswell’s families and businesses.

Now, Don Horton is running for Mayor to make an even bigger impact.

“We’ve all heard from plenty of candidates over the years who’ve said, ’Deciding to run for office was a really tough decision to make.’ For me, the decision to run for mayor was simple: I could sit here and make excuses or I could run and make a difference.”

Horton’s background, experience, and leadership skills suggest he’s the right leader to take on the challenges facing Roswell.

Among the immediate challenges facing Roswell is how to encourage desirable, successful businesses to locate or relocate to the city.

Horton sees neighboring cities Alpharetta and Sandy Springs competing with Roswell for jobs and commercial investment, so he’s raising the alarm, cautioning that Roswell must adapt and innovate to ensure it’s not left behind.

“We must modernize to make ourselves competitive with our neighbors. As mayor, I will work to persuade high quality businesses to relocate to and invest in Roswell, to grow our commercial tax base and help relieve the tax burden on our residents,” said Horton.

And Horton sees his candidacy as sending a message to those Roswell officials who have taken advantage of taxpayers and betrayed their trust.

Horton wants to drastically change the way the city council operates, ensuring that members are paid only when they show up for every work session, committee meeting, and council meeting.

“I don’t think public officials should be paid when they’re not doing the job they were elected to do. If members aren’t bothering to show up, and refused to be prepared, the taxpayers should not be cutting them a check,” Horton argued. “As mayor, I will see to it that members are paid for meetings attended, rather than just a monthly stipend check.”

In addition to his compelling pro-business, pro-taxpayer agenda, Horton’s considerable community involvement gives him a leg up on the competition.

As a member of the Roswell Rotary, North Fulton Select, Roswell initiative for Community Housing, and the Georgia Initiative for Community Housing, no other candidate for mayor has invested as much time and energy in faithful service to our community.

It is that commitment to community that fuels Don’s campaign for Mayor. As a father of two and grandfather of five, Don is ready to challenge the status quo and the naysayers to create a lasting impact on Roswell — to create a city our kids will always want to call home.

That’s Don Horton vision for a rising Roswell. And he’s on a mission to get the job done.

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