For the past 6 1/2 years, I’ve owned a business building websites and custom web apps. Prior to purchasing it, I had worked there part-time for 7 years. It’s rarely been much more than a one-woman show, though I would not ever have referred to it as “freelancing.” I wasn’t that person who had always dreamed of working for herself, but it was the right opportunity at the right time. It was demanding, but it also allowed for a lot of flexibility in my work schedule. For this opportunity, I have been truly grateful.

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I’d felt, for the past 2 years, that the business needed to grow; the demands of it at its current state were no longer acceptable to me. The particular client niche of the business made it difficult to scale, though I did try. I pursued many different avenues in an attempt to grow the business beyond just myself, and ultimately, none were successful. (It doesn’t matter what they were, or why they failed. TL;DR — I’m glad they did.) I did succeed in getting more work and more clients, but without employees who I could depend on, ultimately it ended up being more work for me. …


Donia Robinson

Full stack web developer & former business owner; IoT tinkerer; bot maker; machine learning student; women in tech advocate

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