Hi, can i know what kind of marketing work did you do for your android games or did you just mainly…
KOEX Studio

I did marketing for Both WebGL and Androids Versions:

  • ASO
  • Reddit (various posts and various reddits), Wykop (polish website like DIG), Facebook/Twitter
  • Writing about game stats on various websites
  • I e-mailed a lot of youtubers and websites
  • When making game, I was making post on Wykop + Twitter about it
  • Made topics on some forums about Android
  • Web version is on 2 Websites + it offer to download game for Android
  • I did AMA (on Reddit I got no questions, eh, but on Polish website I got some)
  • I put my games on Amazon Store + Google Play + Itch.io

And a lot more, Expect it I’m responding to each comment for my game + fixing bugs fast, I rolled a lot of updates to game.