Eat. Sleep. Refine. Repeat.

“Looks good, but let’s see some more options.”

That was perhaps the most oft-repeated line used by my Creative Director from a few years ago. It was almost always followed by a very disagreeing look from me and a reluctant walk back to the drawing board. My Creative Director (Shalin Jose) would then go on to elaborate- “every letter from the English alphabet is designed in several different styles which make for all the different typefaces. Yet, ultimately the most important thing to be kept in mind while designing, is that letters must primarily communicate what they stand for.”

Evidently, my work wasn’t close to ‘done’.

But all those years of going back to the drawing board taught me something that guides my design to this day. It is that good design is one where all the exploratory paths have been taken, every possibility has been considered and reconsidered till you hit gold. From that point on, you assimilate the best parts, iterate again and refine till you reach a version that’s good enough to be labelled -’Final Mocks.’

As Bruce would put it, ‘and that’s the way the cookie crumbles!’

Happy iterating! :)

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