IKEDC MAP is not as seamless as it sounds — My Experience

We enrolled into the IKEDC MAP project. But the whole process is never seamless, it takes time and money to get it, and get it right. I am not trying to scare anyone, but have a lot money in your account and time. This is Nigeria!


I would advise you clear your outstanding bill with them before requesting for a meter. After paying 73,000 for 3-phase meter, it took more than 2 weeks to arrive. My landlady took care of the payment and also going back and forth with them to process it. After 3 weeks of payment, an inspector came to inspect the place on a working day, with no prior meeting schedule. Good thing I worked from home and the landlady was around as well.

He insisted the meter would be fixed somewhere on the wall of the building, which the landlady refused as this will disfigure the look of the building with wires everywhere. The reason for fixing it on the wall was for inspecting agents to come around and can see the meter from outside the building, and to protect the meter from being hacked. We finally came to an agreement of fixing the meter at the backyard, close to the junction boxes and change over switches to the apartments, this time the wires will run on the fence to the backyard; which is neat. The meters will still be visible once you open the gate. The inspector told us we have to buy a box, which I can’t remember the name of the box. A box like a change over box but with red, yellow and blue light (Around 15k). It is used to draw 3 phases of power from the pole into the house, we bought it and fixed it.

After a week plus, making it 3wks, they finally came! But, they said the meter cannot be at the backyard, after their inspector agreed it could. Confusion, right?

Local man is confused

They said if we do not want it on the wall of the building, we will have to buy and mount a pole right close to the apartment so the meters could be hung there. Frustrating! The landlady spent another week and money (which was close to 100k) in buying and mounting an electric pole.

They arrived and mounted it 3 days after. We bought another copper wire for them to extend from the meter into the apartment (close to 50k, depending on the length). These were unplanned expenses, so please take note of these, it is not as smooth as they make it sound on the media. Remember that box we bought earlier? It’s now a waste.

We ran into another issue of setting up the meter, which took another week. The frustration I went through before I figured this out, I took it upon myself to make a documentation for ourselves, please follow the how-to here — https://donjajo.com/how-to-activate-your-ikedc-map-prepaid-meters/

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