Idea for a movie:

Catch Her in the Marble Rye

Plans for a secret society at a New England prep school spiral out of control when new members become more intelligent than senior members. Plagued by jealousy and low self-esteem, veteran members do everything they can to hinder the growth of the first-years.

They began by restricting the most intelligent books from the society’s library to ‘veteran members only’. They were The Bible (unknown), The Stranger (Camus), The Will to Power (Nietzsche), all selections in Greek Mythology, and The Interpretation of Dreams (S. Freud). (There was much debate on whether or not to ban The Tao of Physics (Capra) along with Ron Fircke’s film Samsara. When asked, however, the president of the society was reported to have said, “It is an intelligent book and enlightening film. But they cannot be banned because, without the aid of the Bible, it should skew their young minds in just the wrong direction”).

However, it was quickly observed that restricting those particular books actually made the first-years even more intelligent than before, when their grades in Philosophy 102, Metaphysics 102, and Ethics & Morals 101 soared. They also were all able to procure dates to the prom — most of them from higher grade levels. The president of the society remarked, in hindsight, that choosing not to ban Voltaire, Aristotle, and Shakespeare’s Hamlet was “a notorious mistake.”

The president became furious when freshman member Johnathan H. Underwood was praised by the well-respected Existentialist Club as “most likely to be.”

Despite their best efforts, all attempts at stunting the intellectual growth of first-year members proved futile when, during the society’s annual trip to Tibet, the first-year members attained, on average, three levels of consciousness higher than the senior members during meditation.