Amazing Auto Insurance Packages

Member of the Hanover Insurance Group, the Citizens Insurance Company of America, is sitting at the forefront of personal and commercial property and casualty insurance market in the Midwest. Headquarter is in Howell, Michigan. It started in 1915, and now is one of the leading providers all across United States. Many of its insurance products are similar to those available from the parent company, although they operate in different regions of the country.

When it comes to auto insurance, Citizens Insurance Michigan offers a wide range of coverage options in addition to typical products such as Liability, Personal Injury Protection, Collision, Comprehensive, and Rental Reimbursement. The company offers four different packages as follows:

· Car Insurance with endorsements

· Platinum Auto Essential

· Platinum Auto Advantage

· Platinum Auto Elite

Each package comes with multiple options to help policyholders save money in the long run. Due to the sheer number options and differences among those packages, a customer should need assistance from reputable auto insurance agent to determine the best bundle for the best price.


Auto insurance is the best accessory that any car can have. Its usefulness goes beyond any aftermarket spare parts that increase speed and comfort because insurance policy gives the sense of complete protection. Basic policy includes coverage as follows:

· A variety of liability coverage options with different limits

· Collision and Comprehensive options

· Transportation Expense

· Personal Injury Protections

· Medical Payments

· Deductible Dividends: an immediate reward for any policyholder who activates the endorsement. It saves up to $500 of deductible over the course of five years.

Every single-car policyholder who also has to drive company car can use an Extended Non-Owner Auto Coverage to get additional coverage options such as Medical Payments and Excess Liability. It protects policyholders in the event they have accidents when they drive company cars.

The Insurance Company also offers Rental Coverage Upgrade so policyholders have the advantage to rent specific type of cars when their personal vehicles are still under repair. Those who need large SUV or any type luxury car can benefit from the upgrade option.


Policyholders have different auto insurance needs, and the company allows them to customize coverage package to suit their preferences. Some people need more complete protections on the road in addition to the basic options. With Platinum Auto Essential, the company offers these benefits:

· Waiver of Deductible:when a single event causes damages to multiple properties at the same time, and therefore bigger financial loss, the company allows policyholder to pay only one deductible.

· Child Passenger Restraint System Replacement Coverage: child passenger restraint system is one of the most important safety features to install. A good restraint system does not come cheap, so Citizens Auto Insurance promises to cover a damaged child restraint for up to $300.

· OEM Parts: to ensure good performance, OEM parts are the best choice. The company provides coverage for such parts for the current model and to two previous model years of policyholders’ cars.

- Loss of use: rental value of the car for as long as the car is under repair.

- Reasonable fees: all expenses that the rental company incurs in the process of the claim.

- Diminished value: all the differences of the car value before and after the repair

This feature covers a lot of grounds in the realm of rental car, so policyholders have protections whether they drive their own cars or rented ones.

· Accidental Death Benefit: Pays up to $10,000 as death benefits in case policyholders, or their families do not survive an accident while they are in a covered-auto.

In addition to those, it also includes Pet Injury, Trip Interruption, and Home Care Services in Platinum Auto Elite package.

The Hanover Group, the parent company of Citizens Insurance Michigan, is an official sponsor of IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). It is an independent scientific organization which promotes safety ratings for all road legal vehicles to help minimize the number of accidents, deaths, and property damage. It means every policyholder who always does safe defensive driving practices also helps to promote safety for all. Policyholders have the benefits of protections from the company and support the efforts to make sure that road users only choose safe cars with high safety scores to keep road incidents down to a minimum level

Citizens Insurance Company of America understands that each policyholder has personal preferences and specific needs. This is the reason that every customer has the options to customize the bundle to suit individual needs. It is also possible to add some endorsements.

1. Roadside Assistance

It is a 24/7 emergency service in the event that policyholders have difficulties to tow their cars to the nearest repair facility. Nobody wants to wait for hours in the middle of nowhere for a tow-car to arrive. A policyholder with active Roadside Assistance coverage has up to $150 limit to cover all charges. Without the coverage, the limit is only $75.

2. Ultimate Service

If Roadside Assistance only covers the cost to tow policyholders’ vehicle to the nearest facility, Ultimate Service provides additional limit for broken or lost keys. The coverage even includes rental reimbursement in case the vehicle has to spend days or even weeks in the repair facility. Ultimate Service gives up to $3,000 coverage limit for rental car, which should be more than enough to cover the expense until the vehicle is ready for the road again.

3. DSA (DriveSmart Advantage)

This endorsement option covers plenty of financial burdens in the event of accidents. It is like a combination of Collision and Comprehensive, yet with more benefits. DSA includes three benefits:

· New Car Replacement Guard: it does not matter if policyholders purchased or leased new car, Citizens Insurance Michigan promises to reimburse the cost in case the car is totaled within one year or 15,000 miles of the purchase, whichever comes first. Deduction for depreciation does not apply.

· Second Chance Accident Forgiveness: the first surchargeable accident in any 36-month period does not count. There is no penalty, so policyholders do not have to pay more for their premiums.

· Mechanical Part Replacements: non-body parts such as tires and batteries are under the company’s protections as well. There is no deduction for depreciation.

· Ultimate Rental: up to $3,000 of rental reimbursement coverage is available for as long as the policyholder’s car is under repair.

· Ultimate Tow and Labor: up to $75 of coverage for tow car service as well as stolen or broken keys.

Platinum Auto Essential is the base option, which means the higher tier of coverage options include all the benefits from the essential package.


Platinum Auto Advantage is an increase from the DSA (DriverSmart Advantage) endorsement. Biggest difference is that the former also includes the benefits available from the Essential option. Platinum Auto Advantage is similar to DSA except for one additional feature: Newer Car Replacement.

In the event policyholder’s car is a total loss after an accident, the company pays the actual cash value of the same model, make, and equipment of a car one model year newer. With this coverage option, however, the payment should not exceed 120% of the car declared total loss.Besides Newer Car Replacement coverage, all options from DSA are available:New Car Replacement Guard, Second Chance Accident Forgiveness, and Deductible Dividends.


To get the most complete protectio, policyholders can choose the highest tier of the bundle, the Platinum Auto Elite. It has all the benefits of both Essential and Advantage options, and it also comes with these features:

· Rental Car Coverage: rental car is not invulnerable to accidents. If that happens, driver must take responsibilities more often than not. Citizens Insurance pays for the damagesand for these financial losses: