So, entering a new and different realm of social media. I must say…I feel smarter and smugger than ever. I am sure it is temporary as it is only a matter of time before I am rebuked with something rude or demeaning by someone…..if this even works that way….interacting with other smart, smug lifeforms…Is this what a “hipster” feels? Probably….only I would not know because the beards make great camouflage {note: I had to google the spelling of camouflage because I could not remember and it still looks wrong.} All of a sudden I am acutely aware of my grammar, phorm and punk shoe-ation and embarrassed (looked this up too…really?? two r’s and two s’s?) I am not THIS illiterate (no wiggly red line under that one)…

So, looking forward to discovering some really cool shit, what with being an instagram and twitter drop out…along with hanging on to Google +, I just can’t give it up. I never entered the world of Facebook, never will. Well, that is a lie….I briefly had an account because I created a “Go Fund me” account on a drunken laptop binge and apparently they coincide…..but then deactivated it and deactivated my “Go Fund me” because I realized my problems are my own and there are so many people who legitimately need to be on there….I felt legitimate at the time of creation…..but then I woke up.

As far as the instagram and twitter goes, I just realized that it was sucking me in and I was bored with it. You can only look at so many pictures of famous people living their untouchable fun and so many pictures of regular people and their vacations, families, witty quips….what have you….and compare my drunk photos of fires, food, flowers, cool images from Google +….before it is realized that you blend right in with everyone else and you suck…..twitter was almost the same….when I realized I would never be friends with a famous person. I am not going to get a million followers with my cute, witty, fucking-A clever tweets. It is a rotating social machine of hype and commercialism so I had to stop, BUT! I did go back and forth with Andy Dick, the dude from the spin doctors, got a dm from Jason Ellis, back and forth from his helper chick Betsy, and I swear to God you treat your first twitter follower like you lost your virginity to them. TURDSHARK! He is in my own human personal history and just like sex, you never forget your first. OH! Mark Mcgrath too. Yeah, we bonded….mmhmmm.

so anyhoo…..if I remember how to get back into this community tomorrow I think it is going to be really stimulating and engrossing.

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