Tell the Stories… Old is new again.

Considerations. . . What’s next for St. Lawrence Market? Creating a new Mental Model for New Toronto. Breaking ground on the social fabric and not just the new 2019 location at the North Market. That will not just be identifying “New Toronto” on the map but identify with New Toronto in the gps co-ordinates that tugs at the City core’s heartstrings ❤.

Looking into the future, we see the past in all of its glory and encompassing shortcomings and in its reflection we endeavour not to make a perfect new world because that would ultimately be wrecked with any of us shopping in it… BUT Hey Lawrence is the rediscovering of an emerging world of broader acceptance and changing attitudes on acceptable borders of ignorance. Through the food on our plates the rebirth of Toronto will sit some old and many new faces at this circle of friends’ oldest and greatest of traditions: Shopping @ The St. Lawrence Market.

This new web platform is not just an app or a refurbished url — it is a new site map of the Toronto Foodie soul. Once exposed, will sprout eagle’s wings that will once again take it even higher than the CN Tower.

Eat. Shop. Cook. [(Rinse, REPEAT)]

In developing such solutions tackling the landmarks of history, one can never look too much to the past. Therein lies the original offering and its returning challenge of analyzing what’s new from what we always knew. Is it possible to develop such a new approach without offending organically curated sensibilities? That is the $64,000 question.


How do you tell someone that has everything that they are wanting?

By changing the definition of “everything”:

Affinity Diagraming | Personas Research | Contextual Interviews

History, loyal consumer base, broad-based international appeal and expectations of continuing on a steady pathway of relevance and innovation.

But, this is not a new condition. In nature, we see its reflection:

Patterns, like History, will repeat and reveal relevant insights in layers.

What did we see? What was always percolating beneath the surface?

Surveys | Usasbility Review | Competive Comparative Analysis | Customer Journey Mapping

What became so obvious, that we wondered what took us so long to see?



Who was telling their stories?

Lo-fidelity | Mid-Fidelity | Hi-Fidelity Prototyping | Use Case | User Flow | User Testing

Hey Lawrence will tell those stories.

City of Toronto Approved Redesign by Adamson Associates Architects.

New Stories will build upon where the old foundations lay.

Status: What began as a RED Academy UX design-off became an absolute eye-opener to the rich history that has been curated in Toronto 🇨🇦.

200 years down. 2 more years to go. Latest reports now estimate the North Market rejuvenation will be delayed two years until 2020 at the earliest.

…Stories will continue to be written.