Today I Started the Whole30 Diet

Oh, wait. I’m not supposed to say “diet”, but I don’t mean it in the Slimfast or Weight Watchers type o’ way. Instead, like Webster’s defines diet: habitual nourishment. #Whole30 is not much different than “going #Paleo” or “#Atkins”, but it’s still different. I’m doing it for the 100+ benefits it describes in the book. My top-3 reasons . . . better breathing (I have a lung condition). Better sleep. More energy.

Oh, and this is my first post on Hi, everyone. I discovered Medium when I read about the girl at Yelp who wrote an open letter to her CEO and was promptly let go from Yelp. Many are judging, or taking her behavior and attitude to make sweeping statements about the entire Millennial generation, but mostly I see a young person with some issues to work through and how needs some help.

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