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Risk management is more about creating opportunities than worrying about threats. By taking a proactive approach you solve potential issues before they become problems, and remain in control of your business without the stress. Risk management in its simplest form is about exploiting opportunities for your business and removing possible threats early.

Business owners and managers in all industries will need to consider the risks involved in growing or maintaining their businesses. The simple reality is that most businesses need to digitalize at least some of their processes, if not most, in order to remain competitive.

This article will focus…

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E-Commerce project, as well as any of your ventures, needs to deliver benefits to your organisation. Each project should start with a clear mandate and have a valid business case which is reviewed during the duration of your work. Here are my tips on what you think about when preparing for your next e-Commerce project.

1: Failing to plan is planning to fail

Ensure that before any build work starts on the project you have an initial discovery and design phase with the people who will deliver the solution. Make sure the right processes, technology and architecture is identified and implemented from the start.

The time invested wisely…

Have you ever started a project, full of enthusiasm for the future and sure you have the best product or idea out there, dived straight into it and then hit a wall? Then you are sitting there, a cup of tea steaming beside you, head in your hands thinking “Why did I start this software project?” Don’t worry, we have all been there. What we have found at Forbytes is that a product breakdown structure helps to stop yourself from getting into a situation like this. …

I believe that effective processes enable smart developers to deliver fit for purpose solutions and great developers to deliver great solutions. Starting a new development team can be hard, especially if this is a remote team. My company has dedicated over six years to perfecting and learning how best to work with nearshoring teams and creating sustainable long term relationships with partners.

Here are 4 of our top tips on building and maintaining effective nearshoring software development teams once you have started working with them:

  • ​Build a team identity;
  • ​Effective communication with lots of feedback loops and information sharing;
  • ​Clearly…

Don Lowe

CEO of Forbytes, a business development company that uses technology to help our client-partners. www.forbytes.com

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