I find that hard to believe

The man said
 “I find that hard to believe.”
 I said,
 “That is the problem right there.”
 Men don’t believe
 Believe women
 That couldn’t happen
 Not that often
 How is that possible
 I haven’t seen it
 Only a woman has seen
 And over
 And over
 And over
 So it’s hard to believe
 You really don’t think
 Don’t think men
 Men would do that
 Say that
 Be that way
 Violate a woman’s
 Sense of safety
 Take away
 Something precious
 Take away so much
 You find that hard to believe
 Well look closer
 Look at women
 Not their bodies
 For a change
 At their souls
 See the damage
 The damage men
 Have caused
 Do cause
 Women are prey
 In most societies
 They are not safe
 With a lot of men
 See that place
 That they hide
 So they don’t look vulnerable
 So they can walk down the street
 Or to their car
 Or buy groceries
 Women don’t like it
 When you whistle
 Ask them to marry you
 It’s not flattering
 It’s scary
 They want to run
 Get away
 As fast as possible
 Going as slow as possible
 And not show fear
 But look
 Really look
 You will see the fear
 In most women
 If it doesn’t break your heart
 You are part of the problem

Copyright Don MacLeod