New MacBook Announced


Apple have announced a stealth revision to the 12” MacBook today, with the major new enhancements being an upgrade to the new Skylake chip architecture, minimum of 8GB RAM plus an hours extra battery life. Oh, and you can now get it in Rose Gold if you want.

There is no change to the camera and no structural changes to the design. It’s not really surprising that there is no major design changes as the original MacBook was only released 12 months ago, so this should be seen as a limited performance boost on the original design.

The single USB-C port remains, again, no real surprise — it supports USB 3.1 but I’m a little disappointed that Thunderbolt 3 support was not included. Looks like Thunderbolt 3 is being reserved for the next MacBook Pro update.

It has been a while since the MacBook Pro has had a design refresh, so I would expect to see multiple USB-C ports including support for Thunderbolt 3 in the Summer.

So will I be trading in my current MacBook for one of the new ones?

Unlikely as the update isn’t really significant enough to make me want to upgrade. The performance of the current MacBook is perfectly adequate for me in it’s current role — that of an all purpose travel Mac.

Originally published at My Own Reality.

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