Scrivener for Mac & iOS Tutorial — Part 2

Following the release of Scrivener for iOS, I decided it was time to re-vamp my old Scrivener tutorial. The original was five years old if you can believe it, and I released it for free on YouTube. The original show has been watched 196,906 time on Youtube!! Here’s the link — go and watch the first 2 minutes and push it over the 200,000 for me!

So the tutorial was well overdue for a refresh and of course, the new iOS version needed to be covered.

I released the first part of a two part series last week and decided to make it absolutely free, to celebrate the popularity of the original episode. The new free episode is available in various formats and locations, including:



and t’s also available for viewing on your iPad, iPhone and Apple TV in the SCO Showcase App, again — completely free!

This week, part two of Scrivener for Mac & iOS has been released. The second episode covers some of the more advanced features and explores how you can use metadata to to all sorts of useful things like tracking progress, and making your corkboard views even more useful. Both parts combined are a really good introduction to the potential of Scrivener across the Mac & iOS, even if I say so myself.

However, as ScreenCastsOnline is a membership based service, I didn’t feel it was fair to the paying members to release another full episode completely for free and make it so widely available, so the second part is only available to members.

But all is not lost…

You can sign up for a free 14 day trial membership over at and get part two for free (plus access to the entire ScreenCastsOnline archive) all as part of your trial membership, with absolutely no obligation to remain a member. Or you can purchase the episode in the SCO Showcase app for just $1.99.

Originally published at My Own Reality.

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