Where’s the fun?

So it’s time for another Apple event later today.

As usual I, like many other Apple fans, are eagerly anticipating to hear what is to be announced.

Or should I rephrase that…

I, like many other Apple fans, are waiting for confirmation of what’s been rumoured for the last several months.

Initially rumoured, and then enhanced, tweaked and then pronounced as definite.

So I don’t think I’ll be spoiling anyones day by repeating that the two devices we should be seeing today are the new iPhone SE (the new smaller iPhone), and the new smaller iPad Pro supporting the Apple Pencil. Oh, and we’ll probably also see the release of iOS 9.3 — an OS that has been in public beta for quite a while.

Don’t get me wrong, if they do get announced, these will all be solid products, but I do miss the days of the surprise product announcements.

Apple are just so huge now, I suppose it’s difficult to keep hardware products secret to the extent they used to be. They can still suprise with hardware — the cylindrical Mac Pro and the new single port MacBook spring to mind. But with iOS devices being produced on such a massive scale, I would imagine it’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible to maintain a high level of secrecy.

I’m still looking forward to the event as it will still be fascinating to see how they position these new devices in their overall product line, and how they sell the benefits.

But I’m not expecting any major suprises today to dilute or distract from the iOS message they’ll be delivering.

We most likely will need to wait for WWDC in June for any new Mac hardware… or dare I even mention, the fabled 5K Apple Cinema Display.

One can but hope!

Originally published at My Own Reality.

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