Great Value Picks To Fill Out Your Draftkings Roster

I love playing daily fantasy sports. I use Draftkings and right now I am on a roll with playing Daily NBA. I took it on the chin this NFL season. I finished in the money twice and I played 30+ contests. I just seem to have found a nice groove with my NBA teams. The reason for my recent success has been my low salary players doubling, and in some cases, tripling their FPP Average.

A lot of the time it is a bench player getting more minutes because a starter is injured. On some teams it is a toss up on who will be getting the extra minutes. I have been on both ends of a 20 point swing when having to decide beween which bench player will be picking up the extra playing time.

Another thing that you have to capitalize on is catching a 4–5 game streak that a player is on, but the salary still hasn’t reflected his recent play. Seth Curry was destroying teams for a week and his salary was still between $4,500 and $5,200. The Last time i saw him in a contest he was $6,700, and his FPP was only 23. That is a great average when you're $4,500, you are giving up at least 10 fantasy points on average at the $6,700 price point.

Here are 5 players that I have been using lately that have made the difference in being in the money and winning nothing.

  1. Marcus Smart. Marcus Smart has been a great player for me. He has been $5,200-$5,400 for a long time now and he is averaging 24 FPP. He picked up some extra minutes when Avery Bradley was injured and his Salary stayed the same. There have been at least three contests where Smart finished with 30+ fantasy points, only once did he not get to his Average. I will seriously consider taking him at this point average until his Salary gets to around $5,900.
  2. Andre Roberson. Westbrook is no less than $12,000 to draft, he will get you at least 60 fantasy points every game, but his salary is a huge hit to your cap. You don’t need to look any further then OKC to find a good player to balance out Russ’ salary. Roberson has been between $3,700 to $4,000 and his Fantasy average is 18. I have have 2 contests where these two have combined for over 90 points. I have drafted Roberson 5 times and each time he has put up no less than 25 fantasy points.
  3. Taj Gibson. Gibson has the exact same Fantasy average and salary as Roberson, the funny thing is, now they play on the same team. Gibson was one of the few players I would take from Chicago. Gibson ad Doug McDermott were the two Bulls I really like drafted and they were both traded to OKC. Gibson’s salary has risen a little since he has been with the Thunder, he is in the mid 4000s usually. Having Taj and Roberson paired together after Drafting Westbrook will usually bump your Average salary remaining to around $5,500.
  4. Gorgui Dieng. Minnesota has been a slight dissapointment this year. they are a young team, and coach Thibs is great, and they are going to be in the think of things for the last playoff spot in the West. I thought that they would be a 50 win team this year and be a 5th seed in the West. Karl Anthony Towns is an All Star, and his $10,000+ salary is an All Star price. Dieng is another option at Center for the T-Wolves. His Salary is the pretty much the same as Marcus Smart, $5,200-$5,500, and his fantasy average is 27 points. KAT’s average is 48–50 points, So you can combine both, or, take Dieng and spread around the money you saved by not taking Towns.
  5. Thaddeus Young. Indiana has been a great team to get some deals from on Draftkings. Last year, Myles Turner was a rookie that was under the Radar, now he is appropriately priced in the mid 6000s. Jeff Teague was a great pick up in the off season. He is a good PG to get at a slightly reduced top PG price, he is priced from $6,700 to $7,300. Paul George is a borderline superstar, his salary never drops below $8,500. The biggest steal I have been getting lately is Thaddeus Young. I have him in a contest today, he was only $4,200 and his fantasy average is 25 points. He is a good 5 fantasy points above antone else in this price range. This one is a no-brainer, Thaddeus might be the player I draft the most, also, the Pacers are probably the team I use the most for their players.

These are my 5 undervalued players that will fill out your Draftkings roster AND actually contribute quite a bit. I will be doing more My Five Draftkings lists. More topics will be most overvalued, top canadian picks, best Kentucky Wildcats to Draft and many others.