How to Design Mobile Apps

(This content is geared towards the Latin@ students and young professionals of the Quesee! community, though it may have larger applicability)

This will be the first in a series of weekly posts about creating digital experiences, improving yourself as a professional, and tiptoeing into adulthood

If you can focus, communicate well, and carry yourself with confidence I believe you can do well as a mobile app designer. Certainly there is a lack of diversity in our ranks as designers, and in the technology sector generally.

I’ll touch on that another time, but today, we will begin the conversation about changing things that are directly under our control

1) Focus — If you take one thing away from reading, let it be this, you must, MUST constantly improve your focus. The ability to work for dedicated periods of time day over day is the most valuable skill you can have.

Focus is like a muscle, you can grow and strengthen your focus with dedication and disciplined practice

Buy this book, it explains very simply and in a detailed way about ways you can improve your focus and improve over time. (I don’t get royalties, it’s just legit at teaching you how to focus) -Deep Work

It’s 15$, but if for some reason you can’t afford it, email me and we’ll work something out (be persuasive, entertaining, or funny in your email to me) and you can read the blog by the same author, Cal Newport

My next post will be about Communication, and my third will be about Confidence. If you can do these three things well, you’ll have a good foundation for whatever you choose to do, whether that be designing apps, writing your own book, becoming a CEO, anything you want.

-Nicolas Milagro Chapa