Five Things You Should Know about President Trump’s Attempt to Make America Torture Again
Amnesty International USA

I just answered another left wing communist article and I will address this one as well. I said left wing communists of America don’t deal in reality. Do you think for one moment, right or wrong that every country doesn’t use some form of torture? It’s just nobody talks about it and I say in matters of our nations security all is fair in love or war. Like it or not we are at war with radical Islam. I was watching the left wing communist news this morning and they were talking about Trumps immigration hold on 7 specific countries and how horrible it was. In the next breath they were talking about the guy running around the Louvre in Paris shouting God is great in Arabic. He attempted to attack the police with a machete, and had two backpacks. He was in France on a tourist visa.

Trump was elected because Americans want reality. They want the leftist Atheism replaced by Christianity. They want America first. They don’t want jobs sent to other countries like what happened with NAFTA. Even Bill Clinton realizes NAFTA was not a good idea and Killary wanted to do it again, only this time with Asia. Americans also do not want babies murdered on a whim because a woman thinks she has a right. America is not a socialist, communist or any other kind of country. We are Capitalists and like it or not it works. People from all over the world want to live in America, because it works! Even under communist Obama the people were able to move forward. Now that our nation finally has the right people in Washington, maybe we can stop the bleeding and get something great accomplished, like overturning Roe vs Wade!!!

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