Stop The Cycle Of Pain

The United States and the world are in the middle of a health care catastrophe. You probably have heard on the news lately all the hub-bub about overweight, obesity. prediabetes and diabetes. The World Health Organization estimates there are close to 450 million diabetics worldwide. In the US approximately 30 million have the disease, and another 88 million are prediabetic. The CDC estimates 70% of Americans are either overweight or obese, and in almost every case is the beginnings of some form of chronic illness, especially type 2 diabetes. The costs are staggering in physical as well as emotional pain.

There is hardly anyone that doesn’t know a person or persons who have not dealt with a chronic illness caused by, excessive sugar intake, carbohydrate consumption and lack of physical exercise.

Science News recently printed an article stating the average diabetes patient spends around $85,000 and the Huffington Post recently had an article that said health insurance rates will rise dramatically more than overall wages and overall economic growth. Some families that won’t qualify for subsidies pay as much as $1500.00 a month with high deductibles. When is it OK to have a health care premium higher than most house payments? The obvious answer is it isn’t. Folk’s we simply cannot continue this trend and I am predicting we won’t. Here is what is starting to happen now and I think this is just the beginning.

In 2012, the YMCA received a grant to start an intervention program study targeting people with prediabetes. After the patients visited a doctor they are assigned a lifestyle coach to help them make diet, exercise and subsequent lifestyle changes. What they discovered was amazing. Not only did patients overall health improve, they estimate the cost savings at $2650.00 per person The program has now rolled out nationally targeting medicare recipients.

While doing a little more research I uncovered another program that United Heathcare has been quietly doing in Atlanta and Chicago. They have a separate insurance company that the enrolled participant can visit a doctor anytime 24/7, 365 days a year with no co-pay. The only difference is they are also assigned lifestyle coaches to help them make better health decisions.

This is just the start. We need to move in this direction. Doctor’s treat patients according to their specialty. They are not trained in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle interventions.

I consider myself an expert on diabetes prevention and how to help improve the quality of life for one after they get this nasty disease. I have type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease (heart attack 2001), and neuropathy caused by diabetes. Four years ago I lost 70 lbs and have kept the weight off. I used to take 9 different prescription medications. Today, I take none. My neuropathy is improving. The feeling is coming back in my feet. I would not wish these diseases on anyone. Life is not over once you get one of these diseases.

On April 21st 2016, I will be certified as a lifestyle coach and begin helping people who are prediabetic. I am 71 years old and I am now considered diabetes free. I will dedicate the balance of the time I have left on this earth to eradicating chronic illness caused by overweight and obesity, especially type 2 diabetes.

Lets stop the circle of pain! Lets quit passing these diseases down through our families! They are all preventable!


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