Be around your people, and be inspired.

This evening I attended the 3p Publishing’s Summer Soirée. Which translates to a gathering of authors both published with 3p and not getting together to chew the cud. Two hours spent with like minded folk and I really enjoyed it.

I met Louise Jensen an author with 700,000 book sales behind her and her third book due this autumn as well as author just published or in the process. I, myself, am four chapters into my book and my #my500words challenge is going to help me get the book finished and ready for publishing next spring.

Speaking to Louise I said that I couldn’t handle the real job world, I’m an introvert and don’t do crowds and people. She said all writers were introverts though there were a few characters tonight that seemed much more on the other end of the scale. However, regardless of our introvert or extroverted nature we had one thing in common, we all had a story to tell.

It was inspiring listening to the journeys some had been on to get to the stage of publishing their book. I also feel that some of the sugar coating slipped and I realised that to make a living through my writing is going to be a lot harder than I first envisaged. Over all I came out with a desire to continue my writing to try hard and see where it goes. After all I enjoy writing so although I have to get disciplined with myself to get my words done, once I start I love it. So what’s the worse that could happen? Leave your comments below have you been to a gathering of writers? where’s your favourite place to connect with other writers?

#my500words completed

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