Did Slipping off the Tracks Cause a set back? Pt10

Technically a whole pizza is definitely something that would cause a weight gain. Perhaps not on it’s own but usually that’s an open door to say ‘oh well, I’ve ruined it let’s just eat what I like.’

This time however, I didn’t do that. I let the meal go but I planned to reduce my syns for the rest of the week and stayed on plan.

So the results? I lost half a pound nothing amazing but not a gain and not a plateau so very happy with that.

The best part is last week my predicted target date was November 10 and with Mondays loss it’s bought that forward to the 29th of October. This is a prediction of course and is subject to my actions but seeing that blue line make me want to beat it.

I love challenging myself and beating myself I’m not one for races or competing against others but beating myself now that’s a game I love to play.

This weeks plan. No blow outs on plan within syn allowance daily everyday. Check back next week for the results.

If you’ve missed the series start with part one below.

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