What would happen if you stayed on holiday.

I’m a day away from going home and the truth is with the exception of my daughter, family, and cats, I’d rather stay put. Wales may have very few roads that have two sides to them but the views make up for that ten fold.

This image is from my phone on day one it rained most of the day but even that didn’t matter. I do have some beautiful sunny versions on my big camera, look out for them in future posts.

I want to wake up everyday to this kind of view in a beautiful well proportioned cottage. I want to have my breakfast, tea and toast at my kitchen table or the patio table out the back or to sit on the bench at the front of the cottage and listen to the sheep bleat. Then I want to take up my spot on the sofa with my iPad and write just as I am now. A small log burner in the fire place and beautiful light filtering in from the front and back of the cottage.

I think part of the issue of being at home is there is just so much stuff there. I don’t want all that stuff it builds up of years and years and we don’t need half of it. This kitchen is compact half the cupboard space that I have at home yet we haven’t missed a thing. Granted we have eaten out more than in while we have been here but it is still well equipped.

I’m looking at how I can make my living from where ever I am. I want the freedom to travel when and where I like and still earn. I want my partner to be able to do the same. I’m not sure he’ll be easy to convince he has worked for the same company for 10 years, but he is great at what he does and he could certainly make a living for himself out of the corporate world. So a plan starts to emerge, my writing I hope will contribute to the living I plan to make. This is something I love doing and I can do it anywhere, if I can make it pay too then that will be the cherry on the writing cake. As for what else I’ll be doing well I guess I’ll start brainstorming that, while pretending this is home for the next 36 hrs.

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