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Bali Rides — that the genuine mountain biking experience. If you’ve booked a comparable tour elsewhere, most likely it is NOT our company consequently we won’t be able to supply supports. It ended up being a bit of a challenge for the driver to locate our villa in Seminyak and be aware that the drive to the beginning of the tour takes about an hour and a half. What a great time we had, tour quide was a fun guy,dinner at conclusion was fantastic very tasty…lot of laughs lot of beautiful scenery…loved the college and the trip to the Bali home, fantastic to see that side of Bali.

You are aware there’s more to getting Bali than just the crowds and tour busses, hanging at the bars in Kuta, or the mind spinning shopping frenzy… and yet you have not figured out just the way to go to get the insider’s glimpse at rural village lifestyle along with the gorgeous background of Bali’s countryside.

The guides were excellent and we felt really safe together. Here we have compiled all of the popular biking spots around the island, covered by our amazing choice of exciting cycling activities offered in Bali. Off The Beaten Track, 100% Owned and Proudly Run by Balinese The Authentic Ecological and Societal Adventure Tour.

My wife and I had an Wonderful day outside with Bali Hai Bike Tours. Get quick answers from Bali Bike Baik Cycling Tours staff and past customers. Find a selection of Bali Bike Baik Cycling tour packages and let us discover the real Bali. Though this tour is a little more expensive than some of the others I had been really impressed with the care taken in respect to the safety of the riders.

This tour has been an excellent experience and I will highly recommend it. We went with 2 families. Fantastic experience for many ages — Our tour group consisted of a range of ages from 30 to 62. Professionally handled, the tour guides were very good. Fresh lunch in the authentic bali cycling Balinese style restaurant overlooking the rice paddy fields.

It was both of us, our guide and two other guys (that I’m pretty sure were there to make sure I stayed safe- they must have had bad luck with girls riders in the past). Throughout the excursion, you will be deeply amazed from the exotic views of Bali’s rural landscape as well as their unspoiled nature.

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