Beyond Anger

The local paper has been filled with letters from angry people since the August 12 invasion of Cville by the Nazis and other white supremacists. My town and parts of the nation rose up and cried out “this is not who we are”. Briefly.

Then the storms came and the news cycle jumped to Houston and Florida showing helpers stepping up and showing the world “this is who we are”. We gather water and diapers and load up trucks. We send money. The famous held a telethon on TV. Local celeb Dave Matthews is partnering up for a local concert. No one is asking color or ethnic background of the recipients.

But the local paper, over a month after the invasion, still has letters. We have not buried the invasion in a news cycle. Angry people write letters. Angry people yell out blame at public meetings. One angry man sat on a busy corner with a cardboard sign lambasting the black city councilor. The councilor and white mayor have become lightening rods for angry people. Some students draped plastic over Thomas Jefferson himself!

The racist nature of the USA has bubbled up. The election of a man with no moral compass has exposed us to the world. We are a mean and violent people. The budget in our Congress prioritizes military over all else. You might think they were working in secret since no one is writing a letter about it. People are choosing sides over some old statues of white men memorialized in bronze while the Congress continues with policies that institutionalize racism and economic disparity.

Some of us rise up and repeat “this is not who we are!”

What is beyond the anger? When will we rise up to injustice, white supremacy, white priveledge, endless wars? Can we move the mountain of propaganda still spouting about some mythical American greatness?

I say we can go beyond the anger.