Dial 911

This morning’s local paper says Tom Perriello, candidate for governor, apologizes for comparing the November 2016 election to 9–11. I say that Tom got it right! The attack from within with eyes wide open is much more dangerous that planes cutting down buildings killing those unsuspecting souls. The “killing us softly” began some time ago.

I say: sound the alarm, call out the emergency vehicles!

I think we see it. We are stunned and don’t know what to do. We wander around looking for the heroes who will save us much like the New Yorkers straggling through the debris.

I wrote a post card to Senator Warner telling him to be the “check” of checks and balances. We are clearly out of balance.

I am wandering around, too. I know in my heart that I must stand up. I must cry out. My value of honesty, my integrity, my sense of justice have been shot down.

I will be challenged. I will be told to “keep quiet”. But, I will gather myself up, don my pink coat, make my protest signs and go out into my world and RESIST.

Day 28. I persist. I resist.

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