Lady Liberty Went Dark

They say it was a glitch.

I say she speaks for the ages

As I watch my country

Reduce itself to rubble.

The light of hope extinguished.

A gaggle of gangsters

Have grabbed the oars.

The ship of state lists like the Titanic.

And the orchestra plays on.

Pretending all is well on the home front.

Down she goes.

Will archaeologists a thousand years hence

Sift through the sand

Surmising what happened?

They will not find mass graves to wonder about.

The dead will be in orderly cemeteries.

Will it be like Machu Picchu?

The downfall forever a mystery?

I suspect there will be much discussion of how.

Much wondering why.

All messages stored in the cloud

Long since written over

Will not tell them about the day

Lady Liberty went dark.

But she did.

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