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LOL, who is the narcissist? That’s funny. It’s all about you, Sasha. You present yourself as someone who cares so much about the environment, other people, but you don’t care about people who don’t fall in lock step with what you believe. You are a bully — you think you can bully people into doing what you want but you can’t. You berate and name call because you think you know who you’re talking to. But, you don’t That’s just disrespectful, nothing more. That’s just you totally unable to see what motivates and drives other people. You look at someone else and see yourself.

This is typical of Hillary people, always has been — the apples do not fall far from that tree. Make the world a better place, really, that’s what she’s about? Mrs. Hawk, Mrs. No Fly Zone over Syria. Mrs. Can’t Say She’s Opposed to Fracking? Mrs. I love the death penalty? Mrs. I sure won’t re instate Glass Steagall? Mrs. I take money from the prison industrial complex, sure I do! Mrs. I will say anything you want to hear? You don’t know her and you sure don’t know anyone else.

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